Every political viewpoint can be found (and debated) at Yale. Students join groups that focus on a single set of issues. Others join partisan groups, become involved in local New Haven politics, and collaborate with classmates on state and national campaigns.

American Constitution Society - ACS

ACS aims to foster community-wide discussion on progressive issues in law and to provide a forum for the Yale Law progressive community.

National Lawyers Guild - NLG

NLG is dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system.

Yale Federalist Society

The Yale Federalist Society is a group of conservative and libertarian students committed to promoting the rule of law as a vehicle for the protection of liberty and independent thought. To enrich the academic environment and further the free exchange of ideas, the Federalist Society hosts debates and invites challenging speakers on a range of law and policy topics. The organization also assists its members in their personal, professional, and intellectual development.

Yale Law Democrats

The Yale Law Democrats is a group for progressive students interested in policy, elections, and governing. We work to create opportunities for students to become involved with Democratic campaigns and policy work at all levels of government.

Yale Law Republicans

The Yale Law Republicans aim to facilitate connections between students and conservative campaigns and Republican officials, both elected and appointed. We sponsor speaker and internal events.


Members of the Federalist Society at the annual Student Organization Fair

Political Ideology Resources