Yale Health Center

The Yale  Health Center is located just a few blocks from the Law School and provides a full slate of health care services, including primary care, specialty services, an inpatient care facility, and 24-hour walk-in urgent care.

Yale Health Center Directions

Yale Basic Coverage Services

All full-time students receive Yale Health Basic Coverage Services at no charge, which includes primary and urgent care conducted at Yale Health. Students must also have adequate hospitalization insurance, and may choose Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage for a fee or elect to waive the plan if they have other hospitalization coverage, such as coverage through a spouse or parent. A prescription drug plan is also available for an additional fee.

Students may also enroll a spouse or same-sex partner and dependent children in health coverage through Yale Health.

Further details about health insurance coverage are available in the Law School Bulletin and through the Yale Health website.

Yale Health Basic Coverage Service: Download the Student Guide

Yale Health Student Handbook

Mental Health

The Mental Health & Counseling Department is located on the third floor of the Yale Health Center.  Every Yale student enrolled in a degree program is eligible for counseling at Mental Health & Counseling completely free of charge regardless of whether they have waived Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage.

Get more information at Mental Health & Counseling Services

Alternative Health Services

There are many independent health insurance options available as an alternative to Yale Health Plan (YHP). For more information, please consult this Alternative Coverage document. For assistance with transitioning your health coverage to another insurance provider, please contact the YHP Member Services Department (member.services@yale.edu or 203-432-0246).