We take a broad approach to wellness and would like to help you stay well in terms of your physical health, relationships, academics & career, financial situation and more. Reach out to the Office of Student Affairs or any of the other YLS, Yale-based and non-Yale resources below.  

Student Health Education

To schedule a virtual one-on-one health coaching session (including time management, stress reduction, sleep, exercise, nutrition or quitting smoking), email Student Health Educator Lauren Horner.

Yale Well

Yale Well is a comprehensive survey of resources created by the Office of the Vice President for Student Life. It includes opportunities for physical activity, spiritual and religious practice, participation in student organizations, peer-to-peer counseling and local opportunities for engagement.  

Student Accessability Services

The Student Accessibility Services Office can work with you in accessing the support you need while at YLS. Accommodations may include note-taking assistance, adjustments to exam time/timing/location and addressing physical accessibility and transportation challenges. Note: professors are not informed that you are receiving an accommodation.  

Good Life Center

The Good Life Center will continue to offer programming (virtual for now) to nourish your sense of flourishing while at Yale. The 2020-2021 theme is Compassion in Action and past events have included restorative yoga for race-based trauma, masculinity, afro-indigeneity & wellness and body positivity. Beyond this, there are Koru mindfulness courses and speed friending and other social events. Numerous resources are shared with more detail in their newsletter.  

YLS Career Development Office

Counselors and CDO Student Advisors are available to discuss your concerns and help you chart and navigate your career path.  

YLS Financial Aid Office

 The YLS Financial Aid Office is here to help problem solve ways to alleviate your financial stress. Call 203-432-1688 or email for an appointment. 

You can find advice on time management and staying motivated and organized. The Poorvu’s Graduate Writing Lab can help greatly with your Supervised Analytic Writing (SAW) paper; you may schedule an individual writing consultation here or email Patricia Trainor (an attorney as well) to join a peer writing group.  


YLS Meditation Toolbox

Sign Up for Headspace Access

The Headspace app allows you to browse and pick from courses and single meditation sessions to suit your mood and lifestyle. Choose your session length, replay your favorites, and learn how to apply mindfulness to everyday activities. We have limited subscriptions available exclusively to YLS students. 

Signup for Tapping Solution

In under ten minutes, you can reduce your stress and anxiety by 41% with ETF tapping. Tapping is a mind-body stress management tool used on a variety of issues (anxiety, pain, procrastination, eating, trauma, etc.). The Tapping Solution is offering six months of premium membership to all YLS students.

Sign Up for Ten Percent Happier

With the Ten Percent Happier app, you'll discover guided meditations and practical teachings you can follow anywhere. If you are looking for a diversity of teachers and perspectives, you'll find it here. We have limited subscriptions available exclusively to YLS students.