About the Project

As participants in the Project, we take on a variety of roles with differing levels of responsibility and time commitiment. While we are working to expand our program in the New Haven community, our primary goal is the sustainability of our current efforts. As a result, our team is small: we have only two Teaching Fellows and one Teaching Assistant at each of New Haven Academy and Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School. We have opportunities for a slightly larger number of moot court coaches at each school, and we will appreciate the participation of a variety of volunteers at the after-school program we seek to establish by the fall. Here is a brief description of each role:

Highest Level of Commitment: Teaching Fellow. Responsibilities: lesson planning and teaching up to two mornings a week, all year.

Moderate to High Level of Commitment: Teaching Assistant. Responsibilities: showing up to classes two mornings a week to help primarily with class groupwork for about 3 out of 4 weeks in the year. Occasional lesson planning and teaching, as needed.

Moderate Commitment: Moot court coach. Responsibilities: showing up to class two mornings a week in the spring to help prepare students in groups for the moot court competition.

Low to Moderate Commitment: After-School Program volunteer. Responsibilities: staffing the program we hope to get started by November, hopefully at least two to three times a month. More informal group discussion-leading than in class.