About PLEY

The Project for Law & Education at Yale (PLEY) is an organization that brings together law students interested in engaging with education law and policy from a variety of dimensions, including collaboration with schools, teachers, policymakers, lawyers, researchers, and fellow students. The organization’s programming includes an annual reading group on topics in education law and policy, community engagement initiatives for leaders and stakeholders in education to meet and learn from one another, and a speaker series to encourage and inspire dialogue on important issues in education.

Education Law and Policy Reading Group
Each year, PLEY organizes a reading group to discuss timely topics in education law and policy. The reading group is organized by students who have an interest or background in the field, including issues of education reform, civil rights, accountability, school choice, and funding. The group meets once a week and welcomes experts to join for particular sessions when possible. All are welcome to join.

Community Engagement Initiatives
PLEY organizes initiatives and events that engage other communities focused on issues of education law and policy. Collaborating with organizations both within Yale, including the School of Management’s Education Club, and those outside of Yale, including local schools and state and national education organizations, PLEY aims to enable law students to learn from and help with important work that leaders in education are pursuing.

Speaker Series
PLEY sponsors and co-sponsors several speaker events throughout the year to bring dynamic leaders in education to campus. These leaders come from diverse backgrounds, including academia, government, non-governmental organizations, schools, and the private sector. PLEY also coordinates with the School of Management to help organize the annual Education Leadership Conference held in the spring.