Welcome to the South Asian Law Students Association!

The South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) strives to provide an inclusive space for those identifying with South Asian heritage or culture to gather, create support networks, and form communities. We hope to help members build community, develop relationships with other students and faculty, and access resources throughout their law school careers.

SALSA frequently joins together with other affinity groups and student organizations at the law school to provide a diverse array of programming, including community events, social activities, events featuring speakers from the legal and policy fields, and academic workshops.


2019-20 Board Members

Co-Chairs: Chandini Jha & Shiv Rawal

Membership Chairs: Chaaru Deb & Jesse Tripathi

Academic Chair: Kshithij Shrinath

Coalition Chair: Ramis Wadood

Mentorship Chairs: Natasha Khan & Kamini Persaud


Contact Us

For more information, please contact salsa@yale.edu

Student Organizations

The list of student organizations changes every year, based on the activities and interests of current students. The Law School provides a budget, shared storage space, and administrative resources to approved student organizations.

It’s incredibly important to defend the rule of law. But it’s also incredibly important that we think beyond the rule of law and how are we going to empower our local communities to ensure that that vision is what our government and our elected representatives are working towards each and every single day.”

Sameer Jaywant

Class of 2018