Our Growing Environmental Law Program

Yale Law School has a substantial and growing program in environmental law that includes diverse curricular offerings, extensive research and professional opportunities, and a unique dual degree opportunity.

Several members of the faculty produce exceptional research and teaching in environmental law and related areas, including professors Doug Kysar, Dan Esty, Carol Rose, Robert Ellickson, Dan Kahan, Eugene Fidell, and E. Donald Elliott

A core piece of the environmental law program is the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy. Professor Daniel C. Esty established the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy in 1994, as a joint initiative of Yale Law School and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Today, the Center draws on resources throughout the University to provide course offerings; research programs on climate, energy, land use, advocacy, and quantitative policy analysis; summer fellowships; academic advising; and outreach programs including the Policy Workshop Webinar Series, a podcast series and blog, both titled On the Environment, and an annual speaker series.

Students can work on professional projects for a diverse range of clients from government to advocacy groups through the Environmental Protection Clinic. The Clinic is offered to law and environment students, and allows students to select from a broad range of potential projects and clients in order to spend a semester gaining real world experience in environmental research, communications, and environmental advocacy practice.

Environmental opportunities are constantly changing and improving. Stay connected with YELA and the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy for more information.

Joint Degree Opportunity

Yale offers a unique dual degree opportunity that allows students to concurrently pursue their law degree at Yale Law School and a masters degree in environmental management at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. The Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy serves as a coordinator for this program.

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Many YLS students obtain joint degrees outside the law school during their time at Yale, either with the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Sciences (FES) or the Yale School of Management. If you would like to learn more about combining your legal education with a master's degree, please contact the YELA Board. We will be happy to answer any questions and/or refer you to current joint degree candidates.