Welcome to the Alliance for Diversity!

The Alliance for Diversity coordinates efforts by affinity groups and all students interested in promoting diversity at YLS and improving the law school experience for groups currently underrepresented at this law school and in the legal profession.  These efforts include dinner and dialogue discussions, diversity and inclusion-related programming, pan-affinity group retreats, and frequent consultations with the Law School administration. 


The Alliance for Diversity (A4D) is an umbrella organization for all of the affinity groups at the law school. We are committed to improving diversity in all facets of the law school community. We work by providing communication between all affinity groups, coordinating efforts on initiatives and issues of diversity at the law school, and encouraging marginalized students to seek representation at the law school as well as in the legal profession. 

2019-2020 Board Members

Kiki Manzur Martinez 

Jishian Ravinthiran


Dinner and Dialogue discussions 

Inclusion-related programming

Board retreats 

News and Current Evets

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Contact Us

You may contact either Co-Chair at maria.manzurmartinez@yale.edu or jishian.ravinthiran@yale.edu