Welcome to the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project!

Students working with ASAP remotely support women and children who fled persecution in their home countries and are now at risk of deportation. ASAP represents these families in immigration proceedings nationwide, using innovative methods and harnessing the talent of law student volunteers to reach people in regions with few or no legal aid lawyers. ASAP also coordinates volunteer trips to family detention facilities over breaks. We hope you will join our fight to end wrongful detention and deportation of asylum seekers. Please come find us at the Student Activities Fair, or contact Camila Bustos at camila.bustos@yale.edu. We will be holding training sessions during the academic year, and you can begin working on legal cases and other tasks as early as your first semester at YLS. Please keep your eyes open for further emails from us, and feel very welcome to check out ASAP's website (https://asylumadvocacy.org) in the meantime.

2019–2020 Board Members

Camila Bustos
Hannah Duncan
Eli Feasley
Megan Hauptman
Kym Tisder
Gaby Vasquez


The Yale Chapter of the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project (Yale ASAP) raises awareness around wrongful detention and deportation and trains and cultivates a community of students who, under the direction and supervision of ASAP National, provide remote and in-person legal assistance to women and children seeking asylum throughout the United States.


We encourage all interested 1Ls to attend our fall training sessions so that you can begin legal and, if applicable, translation work as early as your first semester at YLS. 1Ls are also encouraged to apply for one of ASAP’s volunteer trips to detention centers.

News and Current Events

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Gratitude to our Sponsors

We are so grateful to the Office of Student Affairs and the Gruber Project for their support of ASAP.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact ASAP through Camila Bustos at camila.bustos@yale.edu.