2013 Alumni Dinner
The fifth Yale Alumni Dinner took place on April 6, 2013 to honor many distinguished alumni for their contributions to their community.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Visit
In December 2011, Clarence Thomas made his first visit back to Yale Law School in decades. He met with a small handful of groups, with the Yale Black Law Students Association being one of them.

2009 Alumni Dinner
The third Yale BLSA Alumni Reception took place in April, 2009. Held at Stone Rose Lounge in New York City, alums reconnected with their classmates and met current BLSA students. Graduates from classes 2004-2008 were recognized for their contributions to YBLSA.

2008 Alumni Dinner
The Second Yale BLSA Alumni Dinner took place in April 2008. The evening included a music reception, dinner, and the presentation of the Jane M. Bolin LAW ’31 Alumni Service Award to U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson. Several of the Judge’s former clerks, including Keenan Keller ’89, Patrick Keenan ’95, and Bertrall Ross ’06 joined us as featured speakers. Each of the former clerks spoke fondly of their experiences working with Judge Thompson, and Keller in particular, provided a history of Judge Thompson’s impressive career. Nearly 100 Yale BLSA students, alumni, and friends attended the dinner.

2007 Alumni Dinner
The Inaugural BLSA Alumni Dinner took place in April 2007. The evening included a reception, dinner and the presentation of the Jane M. Bolin LAW ’31 Alumni Service Award to Professor Drew S. Days III. Hugh B. Price '66, Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution and former president and chief executive officer of the National Urban League, and Rhonda Joy McLean '83 Associate General Counsel at Time Inc and former president of the Yale Law School Alumni Association joined us as featured speakers. Over 100 YBLSA attendees joined us as we honored Professor Days and celebrated the life of the venerable Judge Bolin.

Alumni Breakfast
The Alumni Breakfast provides an excellent opportunity for YBLSA members to interact with Alumni.

Every February, BLSA puts together the Black Excellence Speaker Series. Past Speakers include Paul Butler, Kathleen Cleaver, and Kica Matos. 

Law School for a Day
In October 2012, BLSA hosted local 6th graders from Elm City College Prep for our annual Law School for a Day, where we introduced the students to life as a law student with a mock trial competition.

Book Drive
In November 2012, BLSA hosted its first ever book drive. The event turned out to be a big success, as funds and various pieces of literature were collected to assist children in the community.

Ronald McDonald House
On December 18, 2007, several Yale BLSA members volunteered to prepare dinner for residents at the local Ronald McDonald House, which provides temporary housing to families from out of town whose children are being treated at local area hospitals.

Elm City Prep School Mock Trial
For the second year in a row, on October 18, 2007, Yale BLSA hosted over 30 middle school students from Elm City College Preparatory School who participated in a mock trial competition organized by Yale BLSA members and other YLS students.

Public Interest Reception
The PI Reception celebrates the public interest accomplishments of the Yale Law School community. This past year YBLSA was recognized as the student organization at YLS that has done exceptional public service in 2006-2007. YBLSA is extremely proud to receive this honor.

Fundraiser for Darfur
In conjunction with the International Day of Service sponsored by the National Black Law Students Association, YBLSA raised funds for humanitarian groups providing aid to Darfur, promoted awareness about the situation in Darfur, and conducted an advocacy campaign for increased US involvement in the efforts to end the genocide.

Tutoring & Mentorship
YBLSA has strengthened its partnership with Elm City College Prep, a New Haven elementary and middle school. YBLSA members serve as tutors and mentors for the students throughout the school year, and BLSA hosted a mock trial about First Amendment issues for fifty Elm City 6th graders. Also, for the third year in a row, YBLSA will be organizing a Field Day for the students.

Valentine’s Day Hugs & Kisses Event
Every February, YBLSA put together a “Hugs & Kisses” community service event to raise donations for local charities. Through the event, members of the law school community could send gift bags of Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses to their friends and loved ones. In 2007, YBLSA raised over $1,000 for the Girls & Boys Club of New Haven.

Workers’ Appreciation Picnic
In October 2006, YBLSA joined several other student organizations, including Yale Law Women and the Workers’ Rights Project, to thank employees of the Law School for their hard work and dedication.

Racial Inequality, Mental Health and Criminal Justice: a Discussion with Professor Paul Harris and Dr. Travis Gossa
In Spring 2013, the Political Action Committee and the 1L Student Rep organized “Racial Inequality, Mental Health and Criminal   Justice” -- a discussion featuring Professor Paul Harris, author of Black Rage Confronts the Law, and Dr. Travis Gosa, Assistant   Professor of Social Science at Cornell University and author of  the article “Black Rage” in the February 2013 issue of Ebony   magazine. The discussion arose out of the events and media coverage surrounding Christopher Dorner, a black man accused of   murdering four people in revenge for what he describes in his “Manifesto” as rampant racism and corruption in the Los Angeles   Police Department.  Students and panelists addressed an array of issues, ranging from the history of the black rage defense to the   increasing recognition in the mental health community of the devastating effects of racism and discrimination on mental health.   Professor Harris and Dr. Gosa both brought compelling and unique perspectives to the conversation--and students appreciated   the opportunity to engage with them. The event was a great success and the Political Action Committee looks forward to hosting   events in the coming academic year.

1L Welcome Events 2012
Each BLSA member is matched with a Big Sib, a second or third year law student that will serve as a mentor.  In September 2012, Yale BLSA hosted a 1L Welcome Dinner and a Welcome Retreat at Lighthouse Point Park in Connecticut to welcome 1Ls to the Law School.  YBLSA also hosted a Back to the Basics 1L Social in September 2012.

Career Development
Throughout the year YBLSA welcomes firms to speak to students about working at a firm and navigating law school. YBLSA also hosts informal summer job search, clerkship, and fellowship sessions where second and third year law students pass on advice.

Admitted Students Weekend
Every year, YBLSA plans a host of events for new Admits.  In April 2012, YBLSA planned a series of events, including a Welcome Dinner, Happy Hour, and Brunch at Prof. Richard Brooks' home, to provide admitted students with an opportunity to meet with members of BLSA.


November 2012, Professor Richard Brooks of Yale Law School and Professor Heidi Brooks of Yale School of Management hosted a dinner party at their home for YBLSA and BBA (Yale School of Management’s Black Business Alliance).

Presidential Debate Party
Black Law Students' Association and an array of Black student groups from the other Yale professional schools hosted this event on October 3, 2012. Attendees were encouraged to bring their critical political lens, their laughter, and their charm to watch President Obama and Governor Romney debate on US domestic policy.

1L Welcome Dinner
In October 2012, Professor James Forman hosted dinner at his home, where 1Ls were given the chance to ask law-school related questions to professors, 2Ls, and 3Ls.

Fall BBQ
In September 2012, YBLSA hosted a BBQ at Lighthouse Point Park. It was a fun opportunity for YBLSA members to meet and get to know one another.

Holiday Dessert
Every December, Yale Law School Professor Stephen Carter hosts YBLSA at his home for a holiday party.

YBLSA Super Bowl Party

3L Roast
Every spring, YBLSA hosts a 3L sendoff, which provides an opportunity for YBLSA members to “roast” members of the outgoing 3L class and wish them well in their post-law school lives.

Graduation Brunch
On the morning of commencement, YBLSA hosts a brunch for YBLSA graduates and their guests.

3L Roast
Every spring, YBLSA hosts a 3L Sendoff, which provides an opportunity for YBLSA members to “roast” members of the outgoing 3L class and wish them well in their post-law school lives.

Broadway Play: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Members of BLSA traveled to New York City to view the Broadway play, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof."

Throughout the year, BLSA hosts a number of events devoted to bringing members of the community together. The Social Committee is responsible for many of these events from game nights, to pot-lucks and study breaks, to even an annual Spades tournament.

First BLSA Student Scholarship Workshop
In December 2012, BLSA hosted its first ever student scholarship workshop. This event presented an opportunity to present works in progress in a supportive community and get substantive feedback, support, and direction. It was also an opportunity--especially for 1Ls--to learn about how to get ideas for academic work and turn those ideas into publishable papers.

How to Brief/Memo/Be a Distinctive 1L
In September 2012, BLSA hosted a lunchtime workshop that provided wisdom on how to navigate the first semester at Yale Law School. Topics included how to write a memo or brief, how to think about summer opportunities, and other pieces of advice on making the most of one’s start at Yale.

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