Welcome to the Muslim Law Students' Association!

A Message from the Board

The Muslim Law Students' Association is a student-run organization that serves Muslim law students at Yale Law School through community-building, event-organizing, and raising awareness around pertinent issues affecting Muslims at Yale, in New Haven, and in Connecticut.

2019-2020 Board Members

President – Pirzada Ahmad

Sarah Bashadi

Ayoub Ouederni

Medina Sadat

Ramis Wadood


The Muslim Law Students’ Association serves as a vehicle for gathering Muslims and others interested in learning about Islamic legal issues and issues of concern to Muslims and other minorities.


Orientation Welcome Dinner

Monthly Community Dinners and Activities – movies, board games, etc.

Annual MLSA Retreat

Inter-MLSA Events with MLSA chapters around the Northeast

Community Iftars

News and Current Events

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Contact Us

Pirzada Ahmad – pirzada.ahmad@yale.edu

Sarah Bashadi – sarah.bashadi@yale.edu

Ayoub Ouederni – ayoub.ouederni@yale.edu

Medina Sadat – medina.sadat@yale.edu

Ramis Wadood – ramis.wadood@yale.edu