LGBTQ Community

OutLaws is an organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) members of the Law School community. Our goals are to provide a community for LGBTQ-identified people within YLS, to provide opportunities and connections for members of the YLS community who are interested in LGBTQ rights, and to advocate for legal issues of interest to the LGBTQ community. Founded in the early 1970s, OutLaws sponsors speakers, supports activism, hosts social and other community-building events, and represents Yale Law School at LGBTQ legal conferences and events. OutLaws brings the Law School community’s attention to issues of special concern to LGBTQ students, and serves as a bridge between Yale students, law school alumni, and the legal profession at large.


The YLS Nondiscrimination Policy states:

Yale Law School is committed to a policy against discrimination based upon age, color, handicap or disability, ethnic or national origin, race, religion, religious creed, gender (including discrimination taking the form of sexual harassment), marital, parental or veteran status, sexual orientation, or the prejudice of clients.

OutLaws Board


Maya Menlo and Faren Tang

Social Chair

Cody Knapp

Political Chairs

Arash Ghiassi and Rachel Luban

Faculty Chairs

Kate Redburn and Laura Hsu

Admissions & Inclusion Chairs

Paul Rink and Erin van Wesenbeeck

Professional Development Chairs

Kyle Victor and Ted Lee

Scholarship Chair

Ignacio Cofone

Alumni Chair

Aislinn Klos