Welcome to ThinkDifferent: The Yale Law Student Disability Coalition

A Message from the Board

In the 2019–2020 academic year, the ThinkDifferent board intends to broaden its reach and advocacy within the law school. This is going to be an exciting year with plenty of community events, so please join us as we continue “thinking differently” about how to elevate and improve TD.

2019–2020 Board Members

Madison Needham, President
Sarah Huttenlocher, Executive Board Member
Sumaya Bouadi, Executive Board Member


ThinkDifferent is a law student affinity group comprised of communities situated within a broad disability umbrella. Our community includes disabled students, neurodivergent students, students with learning impairments or non-traditional learning styles, deaf students, hard-of-hearing students, blind students, deaf-blind students, students with chronic illnesses, students with mental health conditions or emotional disorders, and other students who receive or would like to receive accommodations.

We define our affinity group broadly, welcoming anyone who identifies as a member. Our aim is to foster a sense of community and increase the legal profession’s accessibility and cultural competency surrounding disability. We provide individualized support to our members in accessing accommodations and ensuring their needs are being met at the law school, in internships, and across other contexts. It is our hope that, through our organization, our members can support each other in navigating the legal profession.


ThinkDifferent hosts community dinners, game nights, and a retreat for its members; we particularly encourage 1Ls to participate, as our membership is always eager to meet the newest members of the TD family! Additionally, we will be hosting events early in the year to introduce students to the disability resources, tips, and tricks to be found at Yale Law School. This will include workshops on discussing accommodations with professors, seeking accommodations or modifications in your learning, and the unique facets of law school life for those with disabilities.

Contact Us

We take the privacy of our members very seriously. We are a safe space to discuss your concerns about law school, and life in general. If you think you might be interested in joining our community or if you have ant questions, please contact thinkdifferent@yale.edu.