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The Yale Civil Rights Project (CRP) aims to advance civil rights and social justice by providing law students with an opportunity to work collaboratively with organizations such as the ACLU, Know Your IX, National Employment Law Project, Brennan Center, and the Bronx Defenders. CRP functions similarly to a clinic: we connect you with a partnering legal organization, and you conduct legal and fact-based research to advance their work. Past projects have included researching racial discrimination in jury selection, drafting a bill to return control of end-of-life decisions to pregnant women, and analyzing how girls of color are affected by the school-to-prison pipeline.

CRP also organizes annual trips based around civil rights work. This past spring break, we traveled to California to investigate unconstitutional practices in criminal courts. In addition to providing opportunities for hands-on legal work during your first semester, working on a CRP project will help you forge connections with the public interest community at YLS and beyond.

If you’re interested in racial justice, reproductive justice, LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, criminal justice reform, or any other form of civil rights advocacy, we hope that you will join us. For more details, please join our mailing list.

We look forward to meeting you!

The CRP Board

2019–2020 Board Members

Hannah Abelow
Pirzada Ahmad
Timur Akman-Duffy
Dan Esses
Daniel Ki
Sam Kuhn
Steffi Ostrowski
Sara Worth


The Yale Civil Rights Project is an organization for students working collaboratively with non-profit organizations such as the ACLU, Know Your IX, and National Employment Law Project on legal research projects related to civil rights in the areas of civil liberties, critical race theory, economic justice, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, and women's rights.


The Yale Civil Rights Project provides 1Ls with a unique opportunity to gain legal research and writing experience in the first semester of law school while advancing civil rights through their work with a partner organization. Additionally, CRP hosts annual trips in collaboration with civil rights organizations around the United States for students to gain first-hand experience in the work of civil rights lawyering in communities.

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To learn more, please contact Pirzada Ahmad (pirzada.ahmad@yale.edu) and Daniel Ki (daniel.ki@yale.edu).