About TechSoc

The Yale Law & Technology Society (TechSoc) is an organization that helps foster Yale’s growing community, debate, and scholarship at the intersection of law and technology. We define “technology” broadly, covering topics including: data and privacy, network neutrality, hacktivism and social movements, mobile currency, wireless spectrum, start-ups, cybersecurity, information sharing, energy, health IT, access to knowledge, artificial intelligence, and more.

TechSoc provides tech-minded students with access to a growing network of law students, alumni, and practitioners. At the law school, TechSoc hosts speaker events, student roundtables, and “ThinkTanks” at which students present their research and proposals. The group also advocates for more tech-focused curriculum options, collaborates with other student groups both at the law school and other graduate programs, and works closely with law and technology reading groups. Finally, it provides a social community for students to discuss their interests, passions, and experiences with each other in casual, informal settings.


Annual Events

1L Buddy Program

TechSoc/YJolT Welcome Dinner

Torts and Emerging Technology Reading Group 

Map-Making Workshops

Programming Workshops

Slating Dinner 

TechSoc Board for 2019-20

Co-Presidents: Allison Rabkin Golden & Ben Rashkovich
VP Membership: Simone Seiver
Co-VPs Programming: Caroline Lawrence & Sara Worth
VP Scholarship: Sumer Ghazala
VP Development: Sara Sampoli
Technical Advisor: David Lehr


Contact Information

You can reach TechSoc by emailing allison.rabkingolden@yale.edu or ben.rashkovich@yale.edu. Feel free to contact us with questions about our academic and speaker events, partnerships, and professional development opportunities.

We’re always delighted to hear from YLS alumni and other professionals who are interested in speaking at the Law School, mentoring students, or collaborating on academic projects or advocacy initiatives as well!