Dean & Professor of Law, China University of International Business & Economics

What brought you to YLS?  Why did you choose to attend YLS?

After eights years of teaching and researching at UIBE Law School (my home institution), I thought it was time for me to recharge. YLS attaches much more importance to academic and public services, which I deem important to my continuing career development.

I chose to apply and attend YLS also because of its academic reputation, dedicated professors, top-notch facilities, and caring and nurturing environment for a foreign graduate student. 

What might you say to a prospective student considering attending YLS's graduate programs?

Attending YLS is such a unique and life changing experience that if I had another chance, I would still choose to do without any hesitation. It is worthy your time and devotion. Come and enjoy it!

What is your area of research and interest, and how did you pursue it at YLS?

I focus my research on international business and economic law, including world trade organization, trade in services, cross-border insolvency, etc. I was so lucky to have Professor Michael Reisman as my supervisor for my JSD dissertation on free trade and cultural diversity in international law. I benefited hugely not only from his intellectual wisdom but also his kindness and consideration, which made my journey to pursue the degree enjoyable and memorable.

A lot of courses, such as Contract (Prof. Brilmayer), Secured Transactions (Prof. Brunstad), International Business Law (Prof. Chua), etc., also greatly enriched my academic interests.

YLS library is a place you want to indulge yourself in a knowledge paradise all the time. The staff is so friendly and helpful.

Which experiences at YLS were most significant and memorable to you?

There are so many things to remember at YLS. On the whole, the five years of staying in New Haven with my daughter, who studied 4 years at Worthington Hooker School, are the memories we bear for a whole lifetime. To pick just a couple of things: hiking with Dean Harold Koh at Sleeping Giant Mountain both at the beginning and the end of LLM studies were very happy and unforgettable memories. Of course, the orientation week and the commencement were most significant moments in my life as well. I am also very fond of foliage trip to Litchfield with my LLM classmates and Maria Dino.

How did YLS contribute to your intellectual and professional goals and to your work today?

Pursuing both my LLM and JSD degree at YLS has great impact on me. Intellectually, it reshaped my way of legal thinking and made me realize how important it is to foster humane spirit for a lawyer. YLS is a wonderful place to teach you the values behind a legal rule. Professionally, studying at YLS greatly contributed to my career development in China, particularly, at UIBE Law School. When I was appointed as the fourth dean of this prestigious law school in China, I know much more than before in terms of how to manage a law school and make it a better place to educate future lawyers, thanks to my education at YLS.