Students in the Advanced Sentencing Clinic ("ASC") build on the written and oral advocacy skills they have developed in the Criminal Justice Clinic ("CJC") and the Challenging Mass Incarceration Clinic ("CMIC"). Students handle matters including state parole reform projects and federal supervised release revocation hearings. Students handle all aspects of their cases and projects, including building relationships with clients and agencies; interviewing witnesses; investigating case facts; drafting pleadings and policy memos; and arguing on behalf of clients in court. In the Clinic's seminar, students lead discussions on topics of their choice related to sentencing law, policy, and practice.



Fiona Doherty

Miriam Gohara

Marisol Orihuela

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In their first semester, all entering students are required to take four courses, one of which must be taken in a small group of 15 or 16 students. Immediately every student in the class has the opportunity to develop a close relationship with one of their four teachers.”

Anthony Kronman

Class of 1975, Sterling Professor of Law and Former Dean