The Immigration Legal Services clinic represents immigrants seeking asylum in the United States. Its clients are refugees from more than twenty different countries who fear that they will be persecuted on the basis of their race, nationality, religion, political opinion, or membership in a social group if they return to their countries of nationality.

The clinic assists clients with the preparation of their applications for asylum, prepares clients for interviews with asylum officers, and presents their cases before Immigration Court. In addition, students represent clients who have removal orders and denials of asylum before the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals. Finally, students assist clients in dealing with other matters that arise in relation to the immigration proceedings and following a grant of political asylum.

How it Works

Clients work closely with current students at Yale Law School who are supervised by Professors Carroll Lucht, Stephen Wizner, and Jean Koh Peters, all of whom are experienced immigration attorneys. Other professionals associated with Yale University also assist with each client’s case, as necessary. Students will prepare affidavits and briefs on behalf of their clients. These documents explain the specific circumstances of each client’s case and detail the political, economic, and social conditions in the countries from which the client has fled. In addition, students will represent clients in interviews with immigration officials and in oral arguments before judges in administrative proceedings and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Receiving Services

If you are a recent immigrant and interested in seeking representation through our clinic, please contact Maureen Furtak at (203) 432-4800. Clinic members will ask you to come in for an initial consultation to better understand your situation. Because of our limited resources, we are unfortunately not able to represent all clients seeking assistance, but will do our best to advise you on your case.


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The Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization (LSO) provides legal representation to individuals and organizations in need of legal services but unable to afford private attorneys.

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