All Our Kin

Long-time clinic client All Our Kin serves a dual mission. By providing training and support to family child care providers, All Our Kin improves the early education received by children throughout New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford, and Norwalk. In addition, All Our Kin gives family child care providers the tools and resources to succeed as business owners, allowing them to earn a living wage and benefits and to be treated with the respect and admiration to which their profession should entitle them.

Our work for All Our Kin spans transactional legal work, public policy advocacy and regulatory legal work. We have represented All Our Kin in transactions, from sustaining and administering a microloan pool to negotiating office space leases. We have trained All Our Kin's clients to understand their legal rights and responsibilities as small business people, educators and day care providers. And we have worked with All Our Kin to improve various federal, state and local public policies that affect family day care providers.

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