Westville Village Renaissance Alliance

Westville Village is a neighborhood commercial center and designated Connecticut Main Street district located two miles northwest of downtown New Haven. Westville Village Renaissance Alliance (“WVRA”) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to partner with local businesses, property owners, residents and public and private institutions to foster and sustain economic revitalization, community engagement and cultural vitality in Westville Village and the surrounding neighborhoods, while emphasizing historic preservation and placemaking.

The clinic represents WVRA in its efforts to develop recommendations for updating the zoning code in Westville Village that will more appropriately and accurately mirror the community’s needs and desires for a thriving and walkable mixed-use area.  The clinic has been conducting surveys, focus groups and stakeholder interviews, which it is using to inform and develop specific changes to the zoning code applicable to the district.

Clinic Update:

Westville “New Urbanist” Vision Advances

Kendyl Clausen ’19, Andres Lopez-Delgado ’18 and Andrew Parker ’19, attended Wednesday’s City Plan Commission meeting to support a proposed zoning amendment that would apply to Westville Village, a neighborhood in New Haven. They are members of the Ludwig Center for Community and Economic Development, which represents the Westville Village Renaissance Alliance in this matter.