For more information, please contact Christine Kwon, the 2017–18 San Francisco Affirmative Litigation Project Fellow.

SFALP operates as a limited enrollment class called Local Government in Action, open to all students beginning in their second semester.

Summer Internship with the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office
The San Francisco City Attorney’s Office offers a variety of summer internship opportunities for which those who are interested in public interest litigation may be particularly well qualified. For more information, please contact the SFALP Fellow.

SFALP Fellowship
The Yale Law School’s San Francisco Affirmative Litigation Project and Robert M. Cover Fellowship Program offer a post-graduate fellowship for lawyers who are interested in a long-term career in law school clinical teaching or public lawyering. The Fellowship starts during the summer and lasts for one year, with a stipend of about $45,000 per year plus health benefits. One new SFALP Cover Fellow is selected each year. Fellowship responsibilities include running the San Francisco Affirmative Litigation Project at Yale Law School, co-teaching a seminar on local government law with Yale Law School Professor Heather Gerken, supervising student work, and working directly with the San Francisco City Attorney’s Affirmative Litigation Task Force on related litigation.

For more information, including application instructions, see the position description on the Career Development Office website.


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