In order to prepare students for the increasingly complex intersection of business and law, the Yale Law School and Yale School of Management offer a combined three-year program in law and business. This program is unique because it offers both the JD and MBA degrees in three academic years (six semesters) without the need for summer classes.

The Accelerated Integrated JD-MBA program is designed primarily for students interested in business law but will be of value in a variety of settings involving business and management. The program provides the analytical and quantitative skills necessary to solve complex legal and business challenges, which will be of value for a business law-related practice, as well as more broadly for careers as entrepreneurs and in business and non-profit organization management.

Students can apply to enter the Accelerated Integrated JD-MBA program simultaneously and during their first year at the Law School. The program is capped at fifteen students per year. YLS and SOM offer a four-year joint degree program as an option as well, with applications accepted simultaneously or to one school during the first year at the other. There is no enrollment cap on the four-year program.

Course of Study

Students in the program spend their first year at the Law School, their second year at both the School of Management and the Law School, and their third year at the Law School. A subset of the required core courses in the Fall term of the second year are multiple-titled in the two schools and count toward both degree requirements. There is a special extension of the Negotiations core course for students enrolled in the program. In the second term at SOM, students enroll in one law school course of their choosing, in addition to their SOM courses. There is a faculty adviser for students in the program at both schools. The YLS advisor provides counsel regarding students' law school course of study in the third year.

Year in program Fall Spring
First year YLS required 1st term (16 units). YLS (12 -16 units)
Second year Multiple-titled Law core courses (12 units); additional SOM core courses SOM core courses (12 units); additional SOM electives; YLS (2, 3 or 4 units)
Third year YLS (14-16 units) YLS (14-16 units)

Students interested in providing potential employers information about this unique program are encouraged to include the Accelerated Integrated JD-MBA Course Explanation with their employment application materials.

Note: Units indicate the number of Law School course credits taken per semester to fulfill the JD degree requirements.

Students must complete the required courses for each program. (A complete description of required courses can be found on the YLS and SOM websites).

Financial Aid for the JD–MBA Program

As of the class of 2017, students will pay YLS JD tuition and fees in the first and third years of the program, and SOM tuition and fees in the second year. Financial aid awards follow what students would receive were they enrolled in the individual degree programs, i.e., financial aid follows YLS policies in years 1 and 3 and SOM policies in year 2. Need-based loans originated through the Law School (program years 1 and 3) are eligible for the Law School’s Career Options Assistance Program (COAP). Need-based loans originated through SOM (program year 2) are eligible for SOM's Loan Forgiveness Support.

For a comparison of loan forgiveness programs at the Law School and School of Management please click here.

For additional information about financial aid, COAP and SOM’s Loan Forgiveness Support, please contact the respective financial aid offices at YLS Financial Aid Office, and SOM Financial Aid Office.

Application Instructions for Simultaneous Applications

General Instructions and Deadlines

Applicants to the Accelerated Integrated JD–MBA program (AI JD-MBA) must complete the application for each school by each school’s deadline for admission.

For more information on admissions and application deadlines please visit the Yale Law School, please visit

Yale Law School JD Admissions page 
Yale School of Management Admissions page.

Applicants are welcome to apply within any of the three SOM deadlines, but SOM recommends that applications be submitted within the second SOM deadline in order to facilitate coordination across the two schools’ admissions processes.


  1. Application forms. AI JD-MBA applicants must complete two application forms, one for the Law School via LSAC and one for SOM via SOM’s on line application system. Each of the requirements listed on each of the applications (including submission of the LSAT scores to YLS and GMAT or GRE scores to SOM) must be completed, along with payment of the required application fees to both schools.
  2. Recommendation letters. The same recommendation letters may be used for both applications. However, your recommenders must submit their letters to each school separately following each school’s specific instructions, using both the LSAC and the SOM online application systems.

Withdrawing an Application

The Admissions Office of both schools should be notified if you decide to withdraw your application from either school.

Application Instructions for 1Ls at YLS

Visit YLS:Inside (login required) for information about applying to the JD–MBA as a first year Yale Law student.