April 17 Tuesday

Adam Tooze, Columbia University Department of History, on Authoritarianism

  • Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 12:00PM - 2:00PM
  • Room 122
  • Open To The Public
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Lunch will be served. Adam Tooze is the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of History at Columbia Univeristy. The Spring 2018 Seminar in Private Law, led by Daniel Markovits, is devoted to how private enterprise might resist authoritarianism. The Seminar will bring together scholars in law and the social sciences and people who have practical experience interacting with authoritarian regimes to discuss their ideas and experiences on the topic. The Seminar will begin by considering classic works on the promise of market liberalism for resisting despotism and recent works on how capitalist democracy might give rise to oligarchy. It will then consider various aspects of the theme, including how the technology sector might resist authoritarianism; how powerful global firms interact with oppressive regimes; the relationship between wealth and political power in capitalist democracy; the role of the workplace in democracy; and historical lessons on the relationship between private enterprise and authoritarianism.

Support is provided by the Oscar M. Ruebhausen Fund.

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Yale Law School Center for Private Law