March 8 Monday

Alternative Regulatory Responses to Misinformation; Panel 1

  • Monday, March 8, 2021 at 12:00PM - 1:30PM
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Around the world, an increasing number of governments are responding to the threat posed by misinformation by passing repressive criminal content restrictions prohibiting the spread of "fake news". This trend has intensified with the current pandemic. But while international human rights standards are clear regarding the problems associated with broad criminal restrictions prohibiting the spread of misinformation, defining an appropriate regulatory response is more challenging. If criminal content restrictions are not an acceptable answer, then what should governments and other regulatory authorities do to combat the very real harms of misinformation? What strategies are preferable to promote a healthy and robust civic discourse?

These panels present the results of a recent white paper series published by the Wikimedia Initiative on Intermediaries and Information at the Yale Information Society Project, which was designed to spur outside the box thinking on regulatory strategies for combating misinformation. The authors present a range of novel strategies, from corporate governance reform, to improved ad libraries, to the generation of an entirely new "superfund" for digital literacy. While none of these responses are a panacea to the global challenges posed by misinformation, they demonstrate that there are a number of unexplored and promising alternative regulatory avenues worth considering. We aim to spur discussion on alternatives to criminal content restrictions, and to support advocacy initiatives aimed at promoting non-restrictive approaches to boost quality in the information environment.

The sessions will be moderated by Michael Karanicolas, Wikimedia Fellow at the Information Society Project, Yale Law School. Please note that the sessions will be recorded, for upload to our website.

Panel 1: Monday March 8, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm ET

  • Presenter: Akriti Gaur, Combating misinformation: Towards policy and regulatory approaches for India
  • Presenter: Ivar Hartmann, Associate Professor, Insper Learning Institution, Combining Ad Libraries with Fact Checking to Increase Transparency of Misinformation
  • Commenter: Barbora Bukovská, Senior Director for Law and Policy, ARTICLE 19

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