September 15 Friday

Beyond Rights: Disability Justice in Legal Advocacy

  • Friday, September 15, 2017 at 12:10PM - 1:00PM
  • Room 121
  • Open To The Public
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Our bodies are sick, disabled, mad, wobbly, lopsided, flappy. We are everywhere, working, loving, playing, laboring for liberation, yearning for community. From organizing on the ground, disrupting "law" and institutions, and merely existing at multiple margins, deaf, disabled, mad, and sick people are working for Disability Justice — an intersectional framework, imperative, and praxis for collective liberation. Disability oppression is deeply connected with white supremacy, capitalism, transmisogyny, eugenics, and settler-colonialism, along with all other forms of oppression. While disability rights considers strategies in law and policy advocacy to reduce ableism, disability justice challenges us to imagine and build a world where human beings are valued regardless of the nature of their body, minds, and capacity to produce.

​Join Lydia X. Z. Brown, a disabled advocate, organizer, and writer, for a lunchtime talk on how advocates can integrate disability justice into legal advocacy for social justice and civil rights. Lydia is a 3L at Northeastern University School of Law, as well as a Visiting Lecturer at Tufts University and Chairperson of the Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council. They are also co-editor with Morénike Giwa Onaiwu and E. Ashkenazy of All the Weight of Our Dreams, the first-ever anthology entirely by autistic racialized and people of color.

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