CFP: Harvard/Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum

Jun. 29, 2023
All Day
Yale Law School, SLB Room 122
Open to the YLS Community Only

  • Jun. 29, 2023 - All Day

Harvard, Stanford, and Yale Law Schools' 2023 Harvard/Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum will be held at Yale Law School on June 29-30, 2023. Twelve to twenty junior scholars (with one to seven years in teaching) will be chosen, through a double-blind selection process, to present their work at the Forum. A senior scholar will comment on each paper. The audience will include the participating junior faculty, senior faculty from the host institutions, and invited guests. The goal of the Forum is to promote in-depth discussion about particular papers and more general reflections on broader methodological issues, as well as to foster a stronger sense of community among American legal scholars, particularly by strengthening ties between new and veteran professors.

TOPICS: Each year the Forum invites submissions on selected topics in public and private law, legal theory, and law and humanities topics, alternating loosely between public law and humanities subjects in one year, and private law and dispute resolution in the next. For the upcoming 2023 meeting, the topics will cover these areas of the law: Administrative Law; Antidiscrimination Law and Theory; Constitutional Law—theoretical foundations; Constitutional Law—historical foundations; Criminal Law; Critical Legal Studies; Environmental Law; Family Law; Jurisprudence and Philosophy; Law and Humanities; Legislation and Statutory Interpretation; Public International Law; and Workplace Law and Social Welfare Policy.

A jury of accomplished scholars will choose the papers to be presented. There is no publication commitment.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Inquiries concerning the Forum should be sent to Christine Jolls or Yair Listokin at Yale Law School, Matthew Stephenson or Rebecca Tushnet at Harvard Law School, or Norman Spaulding at Stanford Law School.