October 29 Tuesday

Copyright, Privacy, Surveillance, and Fundamental Rights, Marcia Wilbur

  • Tuesday, October 29, 2019 at 12:05PM - 1:30PM
  • SLB Room 128
  • Open To The Public
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This talk will cover copyright, privacy, and surveillance from a practitioner’s perspective. It will provide a review of current and proposed copyright law information (DMCA, CASE, MMA) including a brief discussion of recent copyright cases (for example Fortnite) with current considerations (e.g. the maker community, 3D printing). Then it will explore privacy and personal data and property rights in relation to fundamental civil or moral rights. Finally, the talk will discuss surveillance considerations (vision and audio) with regard to personal data collection.

In 2000, Marcia Wilbur attended the first organized DMCA protest in Washington, D.C. while enrolled in Wendy Seltzer’s Intellectual Property in Cyberspace course at Harvard. She was a regular contributor to the dvd-discuss effort, which has been about techies and legal minds demystifying the DMCA. At the Free Software Foundation, she served as an advisory committee member for the Digital Speech Project which then led to volunteering at the EFF under the direction of Cory Doctorow and writing the DMCA blog FAQs in 2003. Her DMCA research is available in several books, and she spoke about the DMCA at the Last Hope hacker conference in 2020.

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