February 2 Tuesday

Evolution And Revolution in Copyright: The Digital Music Wars

  • Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 12:00PM - 1:30PM
  • Room 120
  • Open To The Public
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Is it technology that is driving the seemingly endless legal controversies around music…or is it is the historical complexity of the outdated U.S. music rights licensing system? What are the ins and outs of the rights issues confronting companies that want to bring music to the consumer? What are the most recent developments in this space, and what are the possibly seismic changes on the horizon in the music field?. This panel will address all of this and more, drawing upon their wealth of expertise and experience from the perspectives of the U.S. Copyright Office, the music record label/publishing industries and companies engaged in developing platforms and music services for distribution to consumers.

You listen to it on a multiplicity of media. You hear it inside countless video works. Music, its business and law, is an exciting and dynamic area, challenged by new technologies.

Kenneth J. Steinthal: Partner, King & Spalding LLP

Wade Leak : Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Sony Music Entertainment

Kevin Montler: Director, Legal, Global Music at Google

Jacqueline Charlesworth: General Counsel and Associate Register of Copyrights, U.S. Copyright Office


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