April 9 Monday

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and the Law

  • Monday, April 9, 2018 at 12:10PM - 1:00PM
  • Room 121
  • Open To The Public
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Recently, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica have become highly polarizing figures in a data privacy scandal of global (and potentially historic) proportions. What does the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica controversy tell us about data privacy and cybersecurity in the age of Big Data? Did a “data breach” occur, or was this a simple case of unauthorized access? What responsibilities should tech platforms have for protecting user privacy? Are there relevant legal frameworks in the U.S., E.U., and other jurisdictions that could have prevented some of these privacy harms? How might this controversy influence the development of new laws and regulations on consumer privacy, cybersecurity, national security, and Internet regulation?

Join the Information Society Project (ISP), the Yale Law & Technology Society (TechSoc), and the Center for Global Legal Challenges (GLC) on Monday April 9, 12-1:30 PM, for a lunch panel to learn more about these issues. ISP Fellows and data privacy/security experts Ido Kilovaty, Mike Kwet, Tiffany Li, and Helena Ursic will provide insights into the legal aspects of this controversy. David Lehr and Adam Pan will introduce and moderate the event.

Lunch will be provided. Doors open at 12 p.m. Seating is limited; arrive early or watch the live stream.

This event will be live-streamed and recorded for the public. Livestream will be available here.

For more information, contact tiffany.li@yale.edu.

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