October 7 Saturday

ISP 20th Year Reunion

  • Saturday, October 7, 2017 (All Day)
  • Room 127
  • Open To The YLS Community Only
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Saturday, October 7


9:00-10:00 Breakfast


10:00-10:15 I Couldn’t Disagree With You More

10:15-11:30 Express Yourself

• Moderator: Claudia Haupt

• Colin Agur, Mobile Social Media, Activism, and Social Change

• Ignacio Cofone, Anti-discriminatory Privacy

• Jean-Philippe Foegle, Whistleblowing, Leaks, and Official Secrecy

• Ramesh Subramanian, The Jallikattu Protests of Tamil Nadu


11:30-12:00 Group Photo


12:00-1:30 Lunch


1:30-1:45 I Couldn’t Disagree With You More


1:45-3:00 Robots, Algorithms, and AI, Oh My!

• Moderator: Kate Klonick

• Robert Heverly, Cyborgs: Law and Human Augmentation

• Nimrod Kozlovski, Algorithmic Scoring

• Christina Mulligan, Revenge Against Robots

• Shlomit Yanisky Ravid, Generating Rembrandt


3:00-4:00 The ISP Family Feud


4:00-4:15 Break


4:15-5:30 New Techs, New Harms

• Moderator: Ido Kilovaty

• BJ Ard, Fair Use as Penalty Default

• Caio Pereira Neto, The Brazilian Plan for the IoT

• David Thaw, Managing Electoral Cyber Risk

• Rebecca Wexler, Life, Liberty, and Trade Secrets


5:30-6:30 Advising ISP Fellows on the Market


6:30-10:00 Cocktails, Dinner & Karaoke

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