January 20 Wednesday

ISP Law & Technology Speaker Series: Tina Piper

  • Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 12:00PM - 1:00PM
  • Room 122
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How War Creates Commons

Many familiar aspects of present-day commons strategies were implemented during World War I and World War II to channel collective invention and quickly share inventions. The exigencies of war, the collectivism it inspired, and the training that it afforded military men all contributed to how the "public interest" was imagined and satisfied through creative techniques of IP management. This paper considers how war and its metaphor inspired the creation of commons IP mechanisms. More broadly this paper considers how IP rules intentionally and unintentionally buttressed professional power. This paper is part of a bigger project of putting intellectual property in its place through detailed historical and contemporary case studies.

Bio: Tina Piper is an Associate Professor at McGill University's Faculty of Law and member of its Centre for Intellectual Property Policy. Her work focuses on the historical development of intellectual property law particularly in professional communities. She has just published a book entitled Putting Intellectual Property in its Place: Creative Labour and the Everyday (Oxford University Press), with Laura Murray and Kirsty Robertson. She has worked with many community organizations on IP issues including POPMontreal, CKUT and Creative Commons (Canada, UK).

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