February 17 Wednesday

Preventing future pandemics with Jonathan Epstein

  • Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 12:15PM - 1:15PM
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Register here for the webinar link: tinyurl.com/leap2021-jonathan-epstein

Each year, widespread prophylactic antibiotic use on farms breeds antibiotic resistant bacteria, around 200 million live wild animals are legally imported into the United States, and habitat change brings animals and their germs into closer contact with humans. All these activities increase the likelihood of new zoonoses, diseases transmitted from animals to people. The majority of emerging infectious diseases in people, including covid-19, originate in wild animals—yet with few exceptions, the question of how to restructure human-animal relationships remains outside the popular purview of public health. This talk, moderated by LEAP student fellow Zoe Novic (M.P.H. 2021), will feature Jonathan Epstein discussing the multispecies future of pandemic prevention. 

Dr. Epstein serves as vice president for science and outreach at EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting human and environmental health from emerging disease. He is an expert on the relationship between disease emergence and ecology. 

This event is presented as part of the Law, Ethics & Animals Program’s One Health Speaker Series, and it is co-sponsored by the Yale Center on Climate Change and Health, the Environmental Protection Clinic at Yale Law School, the Yale Environmental Law Association, the Yale Animal Law Society, the Yale Sustainable Food Program, and the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies.