November 14 Saturday

Privacy Lab Fall Event: Regulation, Policy, and Practice

  • Saturday, November 14, 2020 at 10:00AM - 2:00PM
  • Online
  • Open To The Public
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Join us for the Privacy Lab initiative's fall event, featuring two panels with experts on privacy regulation, policy, and practice.  We will discuss emerging legal and policy frameworks, as well as the tangible, personal impact of privacy harms. A digital self-defense workshop will follow the panels with practical guidance for protecting yourself and your data.

Panel I: The Evolving Privacy Regulation and Policy Landscape (10AM-11AM)


  • Lucia Sommerer, ISP Visiting Fellow
  • Sari Mazzurco, ISP Resident Fellow
  • Tiffany Li, Visiting Assistant Professor at Boston University and ISP Visiting Fellow
  • Albert Fox Cahn, Executive Director of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project

This panel will focus on the constantly evolving legal and policy landscape around the issue of privacy. Panelists will discuss approaches to emerging privacy frameworks as well as the institutional utilization of privacy-invasive technology.

BREAK 11AM - 11:30AM

Panel II: Digital Self Defense: Practice and Legal Questions (11:30AM-12:30PM)


  • Jasmine McNealy, Associate Professor at the University of Florida
  • Ido Kilovaty, Assistant Professor at Tulsa School of Law
  • Mason Marks, Assistant Professor at Gonzaga Law
  • Laurin Weissinger, Lecturer at the Fletcher School, Tufts University and ISP Visiting Fellow and Senior Researcher at the Privacy Lab Initiative

With tracking and surveillance on the rise, people are increasingly interested in halting the collection and analysis of their data by private and public entities. Where do we stand in this technical cat-and-mouse game, and what rights do individuals have in this space to defend themselves and their data? 


Workshop: Digital Self Defense (1PM-2PM)

Led by Sean O'Brien, ISP Visiting Fellow and Senior Researcher for the Privacy Lab initiative

This workshop will cover some of the techniques and approaches everyone can use to increase their privacy and security online. It will cover Web browsing, E2EE messaging, anonymity, email, and basic cyber hygiene.

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