Slaughterhouse Workers, Animals, and the Environment with Delcianna Winders & Elan Abrell

Oct. 26, 2022
12:15PM - 1:15PM
Open to the Public

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a bright light on industrial slaughterhouses in the United States and their impacts on the vulnerable beings—both human and animal—they exploit. But the severity of these impacts is the result of a long history of failed regulatory oversight, which has contributed to dangerous conditions for slaughterhouse workers, environmental degradation, and severe animal suffering. In this talk, moderated by LEAP Senior Litigation Fellow Daina Bray, Professor Delcianna Winders and Professor Elan Abrell argue that a rights-centered One Health approach provides the necessary conceptual foundation for a new regulatory framework that can meaningfully address the interconnected rights, health, and well-being of humans, animals, and the environment. 

Delcianna Winders is an associate professor of law and the Director of the Animal Law and Policy Institute at Vermont Law and Graduate School. Her scholarship focuses on the intersection of animal law and administrative law.

Elan Abrell is an assistant professor of the practice in Animal Studies, Environmental Studies, and Science in Society at Wesleyan University. He is the author of Saving Animals: Practices of Care and Rescue in the US Animal Sanctuary Movement (University of Minnesota Press).

Sponsoring Organization(s)

The Law, Ethics & Animals Program. This event is co-sponsored by the Yale Animal Law Society, Yale Environmental Humanities, the Yale Environmental Law Association, and the Yale Sustainable Food Program.