Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Edgardo Carlo L. Vistan II ’17 LLM

When I saw the course offerings of Yale law school, I was immediately impressed. It was very diverse, comparing it to how we teach law in the Philippines, Yale Law School offers a wide variety of subjects that can cater to almost, perhaps, everyone's interest. In the Philippines, comparing it, we focus on preparing students for practice, so it's really about the domestic law, domestic procedures. And here, you can get a wider range of subjects that can teach you many things about, not only US law, but international laws, laws of other countries, legal systems of other countries in a comparative setting. That's how Yale Law School, eventually, helped me decide on what I wanted to focus on, in attending law school.

So now, my main focus is on cyber conflictinternational law and cyber conflict, and coming in, that wasn't really my principle objective. But because of a particular course offering, the law in technology and cyber conflict here in Yale Law School, which was a one year commitment, I became very interested in the subject, and that is actually what I am now planning to do for my doctorate, if I get accepted. For someone who is from the Philippines, who wanted to consider attending Yale Law School, I'll definitely tell him to do it. Do it, do well, so that you get accepted because it's a life enriching experience, if I may say. Not only do you get the quality of education that's unmatched from my experience, as well as the experience in school that can enrich your personal views and knowledge, but you also get to create new relationships because of your new friends in the LL.M. program, as well as the other students here, and most especially, with your professors. The professors here are really, very kind. To put it, I think in the best way, they're very kind with their time and their knowledge. 

A student perspective on the graduate studies program and tech law at Yale Law School.