Monday, March 6, 2017

Hu Ying ’16 LLM, JSD candidate

I chose Yale Law School because I wanted to become a law professor, and Yale Law School is one of the best places in the world to pursue a doctoral degree in law. The faculty's world class. The students are amazing. And I couldn't be happier with the decision.

Yale Law school has helped me develop my research interests in a number of ways. First of all, it offers a wide range of really interesting classes. Before I came here, I had no idea I would be taking a course called Law and Robotics. And here I am writing a paper for a robot conference in March.

And the other thing I find really helpful is just talk to professors about my ideas. They are the leading scholars in the field. And my personal experience is that they always have really great advice about which research issues I should focus on, which articles I should read to further my research, and how I should frame my questions.

My best experience at Yale Law School is getting to know the wonderful people here. Yale Law School organizes a lot of social events for us to get together. We have the Charity Quiz, the movie nights, cooking competitions, and also lots of dinners and coffees with faculty members. So it's really nice to get to know these really smart and interesting people on a more personal level.

A student perspective on the graduate studies programs, student community, and tech law at Yale Law School.