Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ignacio Cofone ’16 LLM

Probably the most surprising thing I found about American legal education is that it’s based so much more on questions than on answers than we might be used to. And that says something about the way American law schools have to approach the law because it shows that law is merely a tool and that there may be several different correct answers for each legal question.

I’m mainly interested in law teaching and Yale has lots of opportunities to develop one’s career as a legal academic. There’s, for example, the graduate seminar that we have as LLM students where faculty members present different papers. There is the faculty workshop that is open to graduate students that we can attend, too. And there is the law teaching series that teaches how to approach a career as an academic in law.

I’m mainly interested in law and economics and law and technology. Regarding law and economics, there is a wide variety of courses here. The nice thing about the LLM is that we can pick whatever courses we want for a certain amount of credits, so that allows for customization for each of us to tailor it to our interests. On law and technology, there are also lots of courses and there is also the Information Society Project that meets every week to discuss different papers and has different research projects that we can engage in.

I think Yale has a great combination of very high academic level, small community, and campus life that is not always easy to find.

A student perspective on graduate studies, law and economics, law and technology, and the LLM program at Yale Law School.