Thursday, October 22, 2015

Rebecca Wexler '16

I did not decide to attend Yale Law School because it is a great law school, although it is. I decided to attend law school because of Yale. I was working as a fellow here at something called the Information Society Project before I became a student, and I had the opportunity to work with current YLS students making documentary films. And I loved the people so much, and I loved the experience being here that I decided I wanted to stay.

I’ve been involved in tech law at Yale Law School as a fellow of the Information Society Project, which is an organization that addresses issues of democracy and technology. I’ve been involved in tech law at Yale Law School as a summer legal intern where I was able to work at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is a digital civil liberties advocacy organization. And I’ve also been involved in tech law at Yale Law School as a student in the Media Freedom of Information Access Clinic, which deals with a lot of FOIA litigation or Freedom of Information Access litigation, suing the government to get access to documents that journalists and media organizations want to report about.

The thing I’m going to remember most about being at Yale Law School is the sense of empowerment. 1L year is really hard. It’s a lot of work being a law student. They give you so much reading it reorganizes your brain, and you’re just grinding all the time. And when you come out the other end, you realize that you’ve got skills to make changes in the world. And that feeling is so cool.

A student perspective on tech law, the Information Society Project, and the Media Freedom of Information Access Clinic