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Friday, June 19, 2020

In The Press

COVID-19 waivers emerge as flashpoint in absence of liability shield

The Hill

Allen H. Duffy Class of 1960 Professor of Law John Fabian Witt ’99 is quoted in an article in The Hill on how businesses and schools are turning to coronavirus waivers to guard against potential lawsuits in the absence of a federal liability shield.

Monday, June 01, 2020

In The Press

No one knows: How the unknowable consequences of COVID-19 affect thinking about foreign policy and US-China relations — A Commentary by Paul Gewirtz

Brookings Institution

Paul Gewirtz is the Potter Stewart Professor of Constitutional Law at Yale Law School and is also the Director of Yale Law School’s Paul Tsai China Center.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

In The Press

Joining COVAX Could Save American Lives — A Commentary by Harold Hongju Koh et al.

Foreign Policy

Harold Hongju Koh is Sterling Professor of International Law at Yale Law School. Eric A. Friedman is the O'Neill Institute’s Global Health Justice Scholar and the Project Leader for the Platform for a Framework Convention on Global Health (FCGH). Lawrence O. Gostin is University Professor at Georgetown University and director of the O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law and is the Founding O'Neill Chair in Global Health Law. Matthew M. Kavanagh, PhD is assistant professor of global health at Georgetown University and director of the Global Health Policy and Politics Initiative at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law. John T. Monahan is a senior fellow at the McCourt School of Public Policy and a senior scholar at the O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law.

Friday, September 4, 2020

In The Press

Mitch McConnell May Have Accidentally Saved Obamacare


John A. Garver Professor of Jurisprudence William Eskridge ’78 is quoted in Slate about the Trump administration’s efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

Friday, August 14, 2020

In The Press

2nd Circuit Upholds Dismissal of Suit Targeting Connecticut Over Ebola Quarantines

New York Law Journal

William O. Douglas Clinical Professor of Law Michael Wishnie ’93 is quoted in a New York Law Journal story about the dismissal of a constitutional challenge to Connecticut’s use of quarantine measures for residents who returned from West Africa during the 2014 Ebola virus outbreak.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

In The Press

The Second Oxford Statement on International Law Protections of the Healthcare Sector During Covid-19: Safeguarding Vaccine Research

Just Security

Sterling Professor of International Law Harold Hongju Koh and others have drafted a statement on the cyber protections needed by vaccine research, and how international law applies to the protection of the development, testing, manufacture, and distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

In The Press

Can plaintiffs from other countries hold China legally accountable for the coronavirus pandemic in their respective courts?

ABA Journal

Howard M. Holtzmann Professor Emeritus of Law Lea Brilmayer is quoted in an American Bar Association Journal article about whether China can be held legally responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

In The Press

The Supreme Court’s Religious Crusaders Take On the Pandemic Response — A Commentary by Linda Greenhouse ’78 MSL


Linda Greenhouse is the Knight Distinguished Journalist in Residence at Yale Law School.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

In The Press

Remdesivir Could Be in Short Supply. Here’s a Fix. — A Commentary by Amy Kapczynski ’03 et al.

The New York Times

Amy Kapczynski is a Professor of Law at Yale Law School and Faculty Co-Director of the Global Health Justice Partnership. practice at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

In The Press

‘A scalpel rather than a bulldozer’: Severability in the spotlight as the newest ACA challenge looms — A Commentary by Abbe R. Gluck ’00


Abbe R. Gluck is a Professor of Law and the founding Faculty Director of the Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy at Yale Law School.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

In The Press

Medicare Expansion Needs to Start Young — A Commentary by Michael J. Graetz and Ian Shapiro ’87


Michael J. Graetz is Justus S. Hotchkiss Professor Emeritus of Law. Ian Shapiro ’87 is a Professor (Adjunct) of Law at Yale Law School and Sterling Professor of Political Science at Yale University.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

In The Press

Danbury prison, inmates reach settlement in coronavirus suit

Danbury News-Times

Clinical Associate Professor of Law Marisol Orihuela ’08 is quoted in the Danbury News-Times about a settlement reached in a lawsuit between inmates and the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Danbury.