@JCollaboratory -
Aug 31

New @washingtonpost op-ed by @peyton_k and @paigeevaughn shows that the #DefundThePolice slogan may undermine support for the movement against police violence. Most Americans don't support reduced police budgets, but do support additional social services: https://t.co/gjoQCRV4ij

@JCollaboratory -
Aug 19

ICYMI - Watch JC co-founder Tom Tyler speak alongside @LSongRichardson at a recent @PolicingEquity Fireside Chat. "The police are not trained and equipped to deal with the problems they most frequently encounter". https://t.co/m9EOBEVugZ

Justice Collaboratory Members In the Media

The latest roundup of JC members in the news:

Think racial segregation is over? Here’s how the police still enforce it.
Professor Monica Bell talks to The Washington Post about her new paper and ways in which policing helps perpetuate residential segregation.

The Dystopian Police State the Trump Administration Wants
Professor Phil Goff writes a New York Times commentary about possible changes to policing included in draft recommendations from a Trump-appointed policing commission.