marijuana debate

Moderator Jason Schwartz, Dr. Peter Grinspoon, and author Alex Berenson debated marijuana use in an event on October 17, 2019.


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Feb 5

Thank you to our guest speakers for talking Fighting Gun Violence in Court to students today - @jadamskaggs from @GiffordsCourage , John Lowy from @BradyCenter and @joshkoskoff from @KoskoffBieder. @SolomonCtrYLS

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Jan 23

Check out our latest Collab In Action blog post interviewing @verainstitute NOLA Director Will Snowden.

Project Highlight: Public Safety Policy

The Justice Collaboratory, in conjunction with Center for Policing Equity has released a new report titled Re-imagining Public Safety: Prevent Harm and Lead with the Truth. Using our combined extensive experience and research, Re-imagining highlights a five step policy action plan which reveals critical next steps to advancing public safety in America. Each recommendation advocates for enhancing popular legitimacy and implementing models that promote assessing, maintaining and fostering public trust. Collectively, these policies make every prior recommendation we have endorsed, easier, more likely, and more effective. In other words, these are the five steps that we believe can do the most work towards turning a just public safety system from a goal to a reality.