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Sep 17

Excited to share @jaricheson's co-authored study on racial inequality from a social science lens that shows how data can create a more realistic perception of the Black-White wealth gap to inform #equity-enhancing policy:

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Sep 16

In states across the country, COVID-19 shed light on overcrowding problems in prisons and backlogs in the court system.

Read how Wisconsin offices reduced jail populations during the pandemic & why criminal justice advocates are calling for more reform: https://t.co/q7z11U0XIb

Justice Collaboratory Members In the Media

The latest roundup of JC members in the news:

Unearthing the Roots of Black Rebellion
The New York Times profiles JC member Prof. Elizabeth Hinton about her new book America On Fire.

Police-Citizen Trust: A Path out of the Crisis
SOM Prof. and JC member Prof. Rodrigo Canales discusses a solution for police organizations which is building trust with citizens in the wake of George Floyd.

A Minneapolis Jury Has Found Derek Chauvin Guilty of Killing George Floyd
JC member Prof. Gideon Yaffe speaks with Vogue about the few factors that the conviction of the Derek Chauvin trial rested on moments before the verdict was announced.