2018 Restorative Justice Youth Design Summit

Participants at the 2018 Restorative Justice Youth Design Summit of the Detroit Justice Center, founded by Amanda Alexander ’13. Photo by Ghostlight Productions

Tuesday, January 26

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December 21, 2020
By Farzaneh Badiei
October 8, 2020
By Farzaneh Badiei


@JCollaboratory -
Apr 15

@JCollaboratory mourns the loss of another Black life taken at the hands of police.

True justice starts by reimagining and redefining the role of policing - from aggressive warrior to one that deescalates conflict and promotes the safety of all citizens.


@JCollaboratory -
Apr 15

@che_shani on the role that scandal plays in police reform"

"Scandal is not the only pathway to structural reform. But it is a powerful force that can be a counterweight to police's formidable structural power."


Justice Collaboratory Members In the Media

The latest roundup of JC members in the news:

Designed to Tear Us Apart (SBTI Ep. 1)
SMGI Research Network members Professors Tracey Meares and Sudhir Venkatesh speak on his new podcast "Sudhir Breaks the Internet" about the consequences of the Jan. 6th Capitol riot and social media governance.  

A new public defender program has ‘professionalized’ Connecticut’s parole process, exciting both advocates and prison officials
JC member Professor Fiona Doherty's report on parole violation cases has lead to reforms permitting appointed counsel in parole hearings, and the creation of a public defender parole revocation unit. 

We were warned about a divided America 50 years ago. We ignored the signs.
JC member Professor Elizabeth Hinton writes an op-ed for The Washington Post's Reimagine Safety Project about the history and lessons from the 1968 Kerner Commission.