Emergency Resources at Yale

Emergency Resources at Yale

Yale University is prepared for all types of emergencies, should they arise. On this webpage are some of the various resources that are available to you in case of an emergency. In addition, there are a number of ways that Yale will alert you directly should there be an emergency that you need to be aware of. Please take a few minutes to read the descriptions of these resources, and register your information where needed so that Yale can reach you if need be.

Always remember to monitor the University’s Emergency Management website for up-to-date information in times of emergency. The Law School will also update the community with Law School-specific information on its website and through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Yale University provides a list of procedures to follow in various emergency situations. This list is not comprehensive, but is presented as a reference to assist you in responding to an emergency. Remember: do not take unnecessary risks; remain calm; and always use common sense.

Sterling Law Building Evacuation Map

Safety & Health Contacts


Important Contacts  
Police & Fire Emergency 911
Campus Police 203 432-4400
New Haven Police Department 203 946-6316
Non-emergency 203 946-6316
Yale-New Haven Hospital 119
Yale Law School Security Guard 203 432-8284
Yale University Campus Security 203-785-5555
University Security safe rides & walking escort service 203 432-6330 or
203 432-9255
Yale Health - Acute Care 203 432-0123
Yale Facilities 203 432-6888
Yale International Travel Emergencies (24-hour) 203 785-5555
Yale Environmental Health & Safety 203 785-3555

Security at the Law School is overseen by Associate Dean Mike Thompson. Reach out to him with questions or concerns at 203 432-4041, or mike.thompson@yale.edu.

Campus Transportation & Security

  • Yale's to.yale.edu site covers travel in and around New Haven by car, bike, shuttle, plane, train, foot...even ZipCar.

  • Free Shuttle Service: There are many ways to travel around campus and the New Haven area safely and conveniently. Yale University operates a free shuttle service, which runs throughout the campus area and to the neighborhoods where most students live. The shuttle runs every ten minutes during the day.

  • DoubleMap: A real-time view of campus shuttle buses on a campus road map. Users can also use the DoubleMap app to GPS-track the shuttles on the go.

  • Zipcar Program: In addition to public transporation options, Yale University also participates in the Zipcar program, which offers students the ability to rent a car per hour/day at a discounted rate. For more information, visit www.zipcar.com/yale.

  • Nighttime Shuttle Services: At night, in addition to regular shuttle routes, minibuses provide door-to-door service between University buildings and residences. A law school shuttle also runs between 6 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. The law school shuttle is exclusively for Yale Law students and picks up at the law school's main entrance. In many instances, they will take you from the law school to your front door in New Haven. If you need a ride between 1:00 am and 7:00 am, you should call the main safe ride number (203 432-6330) to request shuttle service.