In the Media

The Justice Collaboratory members and collaborators are frequently speaking about procedural justice in the news media, op-eds, seminars and public talks. Check out some highlights:

"The One-Day Police Training Program That Worked in Chicago" – Caroline Sarnoff speaks with BYU Radio podcast Top of Mind with Julie Rose about procedural justice training used in Chicago, IL as part of the National Initiative project (June 29, 2020).

Law and Order - and Math and Science: Yale Professor Tracey Meares (BSGE 1988) Promotes Procedural Justice” – Doug Peterson features Tracey Meares in an article for the Univ. of Illinois, Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering newsroom (Mar. 26, 2019).

Every Day Justice” – The Yale Alumni Magazine (Jan/Feb. 2018) features Prof. Tracey Meares.

Can the Police Regain Trust?” – Tracey Meares discusses approaches to police reform for Yale Insights, Ideas from the Yale School of Management (May 03, 2017).

Abolish the Police? Is Police a Public Good Gone Bad?” In this episode of A Political and Literary Podcast (Aug. 01, 2017) Vesla Weaver talks to Tracey Meares about policing as a public good in a time of police brutality. They articulate an emancipatory vision for policing that is not predicated on racism but is instead a public good for all.

A Strategy to Build Police-Citizen Trust” – Tina Rosenberg writes in The New York Times (July 26, 2016) about police training and procedural justice (part 1 of 2).

Barriers to Reforming Police Practices” – Tina Rosenberg writes in The New York Times (Aug. 2, 2016) about police officers’ resistance to reform (part 2 of 2).

The simple idea that could transform US criminal justice” – Tina Rosenberg writes for The Guardian (Jun. 23, 2015) about procedural justice in the courts.

Mark Mellman: The crisis of police legitimacy” – Mark Mellman writes an op-ed in The Hill (May 5, 2015) about procedural justice and police legitimacy.

Keynote address at the Legal Forum Symposium: Policing the Police” – Tracey Meares speaks about police accountability, effectiveness, and lawfulness, as well as law enforcement reforms in states around the country at the University of Chicago Law School.

Is Procedural Justice the Secret Ingredient?” – Tracey Meares presents at the Center for Court Innovation, Community Justice 2014.

Ferguson's Schools Are Just as Troubling as Its Police Force” – Tracey Meares writes about the root causes of violence in Ferguson for The New Republic (Aug. 22, 2014).

Eric Holder’s “legacy project”: getting cops and the public to trust each other” – Dara Lind features the work of the National Initiative for Building Community Trust & Justice on Vox (Sep. 25, 2014).

Procedural Justice: Why it Matters so Much” – Tom Tyler presents at the Center for Court Innovation, Community Justice 2012.