The Tsai Leadership Program

Conversations on Leadership

In a series of short videos, remarkable Yale Law School alumni share stories about their leadership journeys and offer advice on charting a career path.

Learning to Lead

In its second year, The Tsai Leadership Program launched new courses, fellows’ programs, and immersive opportunities that offer enhanced engagement with alumni.

Illuminating Unconventional Paths

Through cross-disciplinary coursework, alumni mentorship networks, and access to leading experts, we prepare our students to chart a course of their choosing.

Letter from Dean Gerken

Dean Heather K. Gerken

For 200 years, Yale Law School has graduated leaders who blaze their own unique paths and effect global change. In keeping with our restless spirit, The Tsai Leadership Program builds on this remarkable legacy of excellence and innovation.

Tsai Leadership Program: Yale Law School
Dean Heather K. Gerken

Multidimensional Leaders Across Every Sector

Ludwig Program in Public Sector Leadership

The world needs leaders fueled by purpose and guided by both the heart and mind. The Ludwig Program in Public Sector Leadership prepares students for careers in the public sector and equips them with the skills they need to make a difference in the lives of others.

Chae Initiative in Private Sector Leadership

Today's corporations and startups demand empathetic individuals who are mission-driven. The core aim of the Chae Initiative is to train wide-ranging, professionally skilled, ethical thinkers who can address complex business challenges with a cross-disciplinary skill set.

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Up to the Challenge?

If you’re committed to tackling the biggest challenges of our time and determined to leave your mark, you belong here.

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Sushma Soni

“One important point I’ve learned from mentorship is that people want to be heard. They want you to listen to them, not ‘solve’ them.