Chae/Ludwig Fellows

The Fellows Program

The fellows program provides exposure to nontraditional career paths, such as policymaking and nonprofit work for students interested in the public sector and investment banking and consulting for those interested in the private sector. Fellows have the opportunity to gain access and exposure to leaders and subject matter experts in their areas of interest. Fellows have access to information and advice regarding career paths, particularly non-legal ones, through their advisors and mentors as they continue to develop leadership competencies and pursue their long-term goals.

The program helps fellows determine how best to take advantage of the program offerings based on their stated interests and goals. Participation in the program helps to structure the fellows’ time in law school and focus on professional growth and personal leadership development.

Examples of the extracurricular programming offered include speaker events and networking opportunities, professional development workshops focused on developing skills in public speaking, financial literacy, procedural justice, negotiations, and other leadership skill-building opportunities. In addition to on-campus programming, there are opportunities to go offsite on immersive trips focusing on specific areas of interest.

Becoming a Fellow of the Chae Initiative or Ludwig Program

Students can apply to be a fellow of the Chae Initiative in Private Sector Leadership and Ludwig Program in Public Sector Leadership. Beginning in late spring, a statement of interest and resume may be submitted for consideration to the program. The statement of interest should describe goals and aspirations for future work and the ways in which engagement with the program can help achieve those goals and aspirations.

Fellows begin meeting with the Executive Directors in late August to begin forming individualized plans, there are welcome events planned for fellows in early September, and fellows are matched with alumni mentors during the fall semester.

Student fellows for the Chae Initiative and Ludwig Program

The Tsai Leadership Program is pleased to announce the 2023–2024 student fellows for the Chae Initiative and Ludwig Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are fellows chosen?
    • Fellows are selected based on their interests in the program and how the program will serve their goals. Please be as detailed as possible in your statement of interest. The more we know about you, the more effectively we can match you with a suitable mentor and provide helpful advising.
  • Are the courses offered only to fellows?
    • All course and program offerings are open to all students.
    • Fellows will create a plan combining curricular and extracurricular offerings that will provide a concentrated and focused experience based on their interests and goals.
  • How many courses are students required to take?
    • No particular course or number of courses is required. Fellows are assisted in developing a curricular plan with their advisors to pursue their chosen career path. The plans are dynamic and may change, in consultation with advisors, as a fellow’s interests evolve.
  • What is the time commitment?
    • Fellows determine their own time commitment. There are no specific courses required and each individual plan includes participation in a number of non-credit workshops, travel, and other co-curricular programming.
    • Participation in this program is meant to complement programming that is already in place at the Law School and does not preclude participation in other centers or other activities.
    • The benefits that accrue are contingent on each fellow’s individual level of engagement.