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An educational experience should be as multidimensional as the student. The Tsai Leadership Program is built to help students uncover their true purpose, embrace their full potential, and effect powerful change. Students are challenged through engaging curriculum and a stimulating intellectual environment — then go on to thrive in whatever career path they choose. Check back for additional program videos.

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Leadership Videos

Conversations on Leadership: Becca Heller ’10

Becca Heller ’10, CEO and co-founder of the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), discusses the challenges of starting a nonprofit as a law student and how she learned to become a leader.

Conversations on Leadership: Rakim Brooks ’16

Rakim Brooks ’16, President of the Alliance for Justice, shares his experiences as a first-generation student at Yale Law School and the challenges of taking on a leadership role as a young person. 

Conversations on Leadership: Stacey Abrams ’99

Political leader, voting rights activist, and author Stacey Abrams ’99 describes how her time at Yale Law School influenced her leadership journey. She also discusses why voting rights are critical to a strong democracy, how she responds to political polarization, and her advice for first-generation students at the Law School.

Conversations on Leadership: Fatima Goss Graves ’01

Fatima Goss Graves ’01, President and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center and a Co-Founder of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, discusses using the law to improve people’s lives, how Yale Law School helped her understand the range of policy-related legal jobs available, and the skills needed to lead a social justice organization.

Conversations on Leadership: Rhonda Joy McLean ’83

Rhonda Joy McLean ’83, President and CEO of consulting firm RJMLEADS, discusses her unexpected journey to Yale Law School, why she loves her work as a leadership consultant, and her advice to students pursuing a less traditional career path.

Conversations on Leadership: Peter Kellner ’03

Peter Kellner ’03, Founder and Managing Partner at Richmond Global LLC, discusses how Yale Law School influenced his career in venture capital, how students can decide if entrepreneurship is right for them, and the importance of resilience in leadership.

Conversations on Leadership: Max Stier YC ’87

Max Stier, YC ’87, Founding President and CEO of the Partnership for Public Service, shares his perspective on leading in a crisis, supporting employees when they need to deliver bad news, and why students shouldn’t necessarily plan a defined career path.

Conversations on Leadership: Gerson Zweifach ’79

Gerson Zweifach ’79, Partner at Williams & Connolly, discusses how leadership involves telling people what they don’t want to hear, what he learned about overcoming setbacks, and why Yale Law students should be open to multiple career paths.

Conversations on Leadership: Bryan Leach ’05

Bryan Leach ’05, founder and CEO of Ibotta, describes his career journey from practicing trial law to resigning at age 32 and becoming a tech entrepreneur. He also discusses how a law degree provides broad training for a variety of careers.

Conversations on Leadership: Ian Solomon ’02

Ian Solomon ’02, Dean of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia, discusses the importance of developing students to become compassionate and ethical leaders. He also describes how The Tsai Leadership Program can support students of color at Yale Law School.

Conversations on Leadership: Gretchen Rubin ’94

Author, podcaster, and speaker Gretchen Rubin ’94 discusses what she learned about happiness from the Dalai Lama, the value of building relationships with other Yale Law students, and how her law education shaped her career as a writer.

Conversations on Leadership: Peter Stern ’97

Peter Stern ’97, former Vice President of Services for Apple, describes how his legal education prepared him for a career as a business leader and the work he’s most proud of at Apple. He also discusses what he learned about leadership from role models such as Dick Parsons, who led Time Warner and Citigroup through crises.

Conversations on Leadership: Joe Tsai ’90

Joe Tsai ’90, founder of The Tsai Leadership Program at Yale Law School, discusses his experiences dealing with setbacks, how to lead during a crisis, and how he hopes the leadership program will give students a diversity of experiences to expand their career ambitions.

Conversations on Leadership: Gregory J. Fleming ’88

Gregory J. Fleming ’88, Chief Executive Officer of Rockefeller Capital Management, describes how his education at Yale Law School prepared him for challenging situations as a business leader, including his time as President of Merrill Lynch during the credit crisis.

Conversations on Leadership: Joel Hyatt ’75

Joel Hyatt ’75, Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Globality Inc., describes how Yale Law School prepared him to challenge the prohibition on lawyer advertising during his time leading Hyatt Legal Services, and why students should heed poet Robert Frost’s advice to take “the road less traveled” in their careers.

Professor John Morley on His Teaching, Research, and the Chae Initiative

Professor of Law John Morley ’06 discusses why law firms are unusual among businesses, how trusts and estates reveal Americans’ attitudes about family, and how Yale Law School’s Chae Initiative is helping to develop future business leaders.

Jenna Cook ’24

A student perspective on evolving academic interests at Yale Law School and the value of The Tsai Leadership Program.

Hillary Rodham Clinton ’73 in Conversation with Dean Heather K. Gerken

As part of Transformational Leadership Week, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton ’73 spoke with Dean Heather K. Gerken.

Illuminate Unconventional Paths

The Tsai Leadership Program at Yale Law School illuminates unconventional paths for Yale Law students from private sector to public interest, from Silicon Valley to the Capitol, so that future leaders can effect positive change in the world.

Expand Excellence

The Tsai Leadership Program at Yale Law School aims to equip the next generation of leaders with a broad-gauged thinking degree and empowers Law School graduates to embrace new ideas and fresh perspectives in order to tackle the world's biggest challenges.

Lead in Many Dimensions

The Tsai Leadership Program at Yale Law School encourages students to embrace unique experiences, lead in many dimensions, and engage with different perspectives.