A Curriculum Designed for the Next Century and Beyond

The Tsai Leadership Program at Yale Law School provides a curriculum designed to address the most pressing issues of the next century and to prepare Yale Law students for their last jobs, not just their first. Its aim is to bolster the Law School experience with engaging classes and professional development opportunities that equip students with the intellectual foundation and skills that are applicable and transferable to any career they choose, including career paths outside of traditional lawyering.

The Program brings in top-flight academics and world-renowned experts to New Haven to provide students with the intellectual framework, working competencies, and core literacies they need to solve the problems of the future. Additions to the curriculum include numeracy courses such as accounting, corporate finance, and statistics, as well as courses in ethical decision-making and organizational leadership. Leading experts teach and encourage students to be forward-thinking, analytical, cross-disciplinary, and bold when grappling with emerging issues related to technological change and innovation, big data, and globalization. Students can augment their intellectual and analytical engagement by building professional management skills through intensives, boot camps, and workshops. The Program also brings mentors-in-residence to campus to advise students on the many paths available to graduates of Yale Law School.

Our core philosophy is that a Yale Law School degree opens doors to a vast array of career and leadership opportunities within and outside the practice of law. Through these additions to the curriculum, The Tsai Leadership Program enriches the intellectual experience by providing unparalleled attention and resources to enable all students to explore any career path they choose.

Conchita Cruz

“The flexibility and opportunities at YLS give you the time to chart your own path, to start doing the work that inspired you to go to law school, and to find like-minded friends and collaborators for life.