Center for Global Legal Challenges v. Department of State (CGLC/FISC)

MFIA represents the Yale Law School Center for Global Legal Challenges (CGLC), which is seeking information from the U.S. Department of State on unclassified international treaty agreements. The CGLC filed its initial FOIA request for these records on March 16, 2017. After 266 days, the State Department had not responded to the request. The complaint, filed on December 7, 2017, seeks to compel the State Department to release records documenting precise legal citations for unclassified non-Article II treaty international agreements concluded between foreign states and the U.S. government over the last four presidential administrations. It cites two counts: violation of FOIA for wrongful withholding of agency records and failure to make records available under the “Reading Room” provision, which requires government agencies to make available electronic versions of documents not published in the Federal Register.

Key Documents



Stipulation of Dismissal