Firearm Safety

After an SFALP student found several companies skirting established laws by illegally selling large-capacity firearm magazines under the guise of “repair kits,” San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed suit on behalf of the People of California in February 2017 against five online gun equipment suppliers. After pitching the lawsuit, SFALP students assisted deputy city attorneys throughout the litigation process. In addition to developing the idea for the lawsuit, students compiled evidence and drafted a complaint. As the case proceeded, students assisted with pre-trial motions, discovery requests, and research that fed into settlement negotiations. People v. Badger Mountain Supply ended in May 2017 with a settlement including a stringent 10-year, court-imposed injunction prohibiting these suppliers from flouting both state and San Francisco law by offering for sale complete but disassembled large-capacity magazines as “repair” or “rebuild” kits to customers throughout California.

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