Your Gifts in Action

Your support makes an unparalleled impact. Here, our alumni, faculty, and staff share what your generosity has meant to them and what it means to Yale Law School students today. 

Swapna Reddy


“Thanks to the funding and training we received from the Yale Law School clinical program, three classmates and I were able to build the largest organized membership of asylum seekers in the world, allowing us to provide critical legal support and advocacy opportunities to more than 150,000 asylum seekers in the United States.”

Swapna Reddy ’16
Founding Co-Executive Director, Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project (ASAP)

James Forman


“Alumni support for programs like Access to Law School and the Racial Justice Center makes sure that Yale students are able to serve the city that is our home. Your contributions help bring justice, opportunity, and power to the people of New Haven.”

James Forman Jr. ’92
J. Skelly Wright Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Jackie Outlaw

“Because of your generosity as donors, students receive need-based scholarships, which is an important component of their overall financial aid package. Your support reflects a commitment to make the Yale Law School experience one that is accessible to everyone regardless of their financial situation.”

Jackie Outlaw
Director of Financial Aid, Yale Law School

Bram Elias

“My first job as an attorney was doing direct-services immigration work at a low-bono, barely-keeping-the-lights-on kind of firm. I loved the work, but given my debt load, I could not have accepted the position without the help I got from YLS. The experience from that job paved the way to my current position running a law school immigration clinic. It’s basically my dream job.”

Bram Elias ’09
Clinical Professor of Law, University of Iowa College of Law

Rebecca Heller

“Because of the support I received from the Career Options Assistance Program, a group of YLS students and I were able to start the world’s first nonprofit organization providing legal aid to persecuted refugees seeking resettlement in safe countries.”

Rebecca Heller ’10
Executive Director, International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP)

MIchael Wishnie

“I attended Yale Law School with maximum financial aid. Now, as the first COAP beneficiary in history to join the YLS faculty, I have the opportunity to help current students learn about law and lawyering through the representation of undocumented immigrants, low-wage workers, disabled veterans, alleged terrorists, and other clients of the Law School’s path-breaking clinical programs.”

Michael Wishnie ’93
William O. Douglas Clinical Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Roberta Romano

“YLS has made major innovations in business law education through the creation of the YLS Center for the Study of Corporate Law, which was the first of its kind. The Center has been the vehicle to make possible numerous curricular enrichment programs, including the three-year J.D.-M.B.A. and the joint J.D.-Ph.D. in finance program, as well as to provide an educational forum in which students, alumni, and faculty can interact to discuss the issues of the day. All of this has only been made possible by the generosity of our donors, for which we are deeply grateful.”

Roberta Romano ’80
Sterling Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Jack Balkin

“Because of your generosity, the Information Society Project is supporting the next generation of law and technology scholars, and the Abrams institute is producing the next generation of media lawyers who will defend the rights of a free press in a democratic society.”

Jack Balkin
Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment, Yale Law School

Abbe Gluck

"The Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy makes Yale Law School the go-to place for health law in the nation. Thanks to our donors’ generosity, we will train the next generation of health lawyers, industry and government leaders, and academics, and make real-world contributions to the future of health law, health governance, and the practice of medicine."

Abbe Gluck ’00
Alfred M. Rankin Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Kath Xu

“Before coming to Law School, I had a lot of questions about my financial aid packages. But the office here has been extremely kind and responsive, and I found the Yale Law School financial aid package to be the best among its peer schools.”

Kath Xu ’20
Skadden Fellow, ACLU Women's Rights Project

Alexander Komarov

“Yale’s financial aid policy is that every person that was admitted should be able to attend, regardless of their financial background. So it’s entirely need-based, which means that the education is affordable, and you don’t end up with a huge debt that will affect your further career options.”

Alexander Komarov ’20 LLM
Lecturer, Ukrainian Catholic University