Case Disclosed

The Booming Market for Apocalyptic Literature

March 27, 2017
By Andrew Udelsman

Few so accurately predicted the era of “alternative facts” than Orwell, who had this to say: “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

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Health Canada’s Draft Guidance for Implementing Vanessa’s Law Limits Transparency

January 7, 2017
By Kathleen Choi

Canada’s public health department, Health Canada, is preparing to release its final guidance on the section of Vanessa’s Law designed to promote the transparency of information around pharmaceutical drugs.

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MFIA’s Lethal Injection Access Litigation: Statutory and Constitutional Strategies

November 23, 2016
By Allison Douglis

This post’s focus is on lethal injection access litigation that the Clinic has been carrying out in Missouri on behalf of five national and state news organizations.

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Pennsylvania’s HB 1538, Designed to Shield Police Officers’ Identities from the Public, Threatens Transparency

November 8, 2016
By Rumela Roy

In September 2015, Pennsylvania State Rep. Martina White introduced a bill designed to shield the names of Pennsylvania police officers that have been involved in shootings from the public.

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